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2014/08/03 at 06:23

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Some Key Ideas in Process Thought

Great article on the Jesus Jazz and Buddhism site | Twenty Key Ideas in Process Thought

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2014/07/13 at 17:56

Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work.

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2014/07/08 at 09:51

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The Way of Grace & The Way of Nature….

In The Tree of Life there is a beauty which is seen in the gentle beings who travel the way of grace not the way of coercive power. The coercive power of nature — hurricanes, tsunamis, the domination of animals over others, and the controlling power of humans — has tragic beauty of its own, but it lacks a kind of divinity.  It is not yet the way of grace.  The nuns are right.   In the long run we see the smile in all things, not through power but through love.

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2014/07/06 at 07:58

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Some importantt stuff to ponder….

I’m not sure where I stand on this particular issue, but this article sure does raise a bunch of important questions to ponder…

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2014/07/05 at 10:43

A Big Day for Me….

June 23, 1972 the day I left to join the Army. Almost didn’t make it on account of Hurricane Agnes. So today I have been retired from the Army two years longer than I was in….

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2014/06/23 at 16:20

Digital vs Real….


Was browsing thru the archives and this one got my attention….

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I wonder which will prove to be more durable: the faded photos stuffed in boxes in the attic or the digital ephemera stored in “locations” that are really only collections of bytes somewhere in cyberspace….

My parents have a few old faded photos of their parents and even grandparents hidden away somewhere. They have a more of a collection documenting the childhood of me and my brothers. Sweetous and I have quite a pile of photos from our younger days and of Piglette and LB from early childhood thru high school. All of these artifacts are subject to deterioration and destruction from fire, wind, insurrections and so on.

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2014/06/23 at 16:01

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